Are You Looking For Snow Plowing Services? 3 Things To Expect

As winter approaches and the first snow falls, efforts begin in earnest to ensure that your commercial property and premises are free of ice. During the winter months, snow management is a crucial and unavoidable operation that involves timely plowing of snow, deicing activities on roadways, and assuring general safety, particularly during severe snowfall conditions.

If you’re a property manager, there are several aspects to consider obtaining a dependable and effective service that will make this challenging winter chore simpler for you. In this article, we go over some of the most important criteria to review while looking for snow plowing services in your area.

Choosing a Reliable Vendor/Service

Choosing a reputable snow-plowing vendor service can be a challenging endeavor, especially when there are various options to consider. One way to separate the grain from the chaff is to pick a vendor that responds to a service request in a professional manner. Timely responses and a formal estimate or a quote are a must.

An estimate should preferably include an itemized explanation of the operations the vendor will carry out in the scope of their service. This helps reduce the ambiguity of determining what they will or will not undertake. At the most, any reliable vendor must tackle certain areas of a property, such as the entryways, parking areas, and common walkways.

Vendors must also offer a clear plan for their operations to minimize potential disruptions to your commercial site. Because large machinery is involved, they must also take precautions to maintain safety. Lastly, the vendor must have insurance liability to be able to cover losses in the event of an accident.

Getting a Cost Estimate

Cost estimates can vary depending on the vendor. A vendor will typically evaluate the area around your commercial property before providing a cost estimate. They will then provide a quotation based on the size of the property, the amount of snow that has to be cleared, and the equipment needed.

Commercial property managers should expect to receive a cost estimate tailored to their specific needs. While this is a simple way to get an estimate, some vendors additionally charge by the hour, (snow) event, visit, or inches of snow. Seasonal contracts are also available in locations with high snowfall, which often turns out to be a good deal for commercial properties.

Get Your Questions Answered

Asking questions is a crucial part of a vendor selection process. Don’t be afraid to ask detailed questions about a prospective vendor's experience in the industry, the equipment they will be using, and their general strategy when working on a site. If a vendor does not successfully answer these basic questions, it is time to move on in your quest for a more reliable one. Here are some examples of questions you could ask:

  • How many commercial properties have they serviced in the past?
  • What kind of equipment do they use?
  • What safety measures do they take?
  • Do they have insurance?

It’s important to be well-informed about a vendor’s past experience and expertise in handling large projects, so read online reviews to supplement their responses. Do your homework well so you’re prepared for the upcoming winter season and have a reliable site management vendor by your side.