What’s The Average Cost of Snow Removal?

Snow removal is an essential task if you live in a cold area, and more so with recent extreme weather events. But removing snow can be backbreaking, and if not done properly can also cause injuries. Knowing that snow removal work can be difficult, homeowners look for professional help. But before seeking professionals, you might want to know what the average cost of snow removal is.

As you might have already guessed, there isn’t a one-size-fit-all pricing for snow removal. The average cost of snow removal depends on various factors. 

There are some factors to consider before purchasing an annual snow removal contract.

Factors Affecting the Annual Cost of Snow Removal

Several factors affect the cost of a seasonal contract:

  • Property Size

You can expect to pay more if your house has a long and winding driveway. There is also a higher charge for dirt and gravel driveways because they take longer to de-ice and clear compared to concrete. You may also have to pay for extra time spent to clear snow if your driveway slopes down sharply or is very curvy. 

  • Where You Live

The cost of snow removal is dependent on where you live. Some places receive a lot more snow than others, so you can expect to pay a higher annual fee. You might want to lock-in a per-clearing rate for an affordable cost if there is more work each season.

  • Residential and Commercial Properties

Snow removal costs are typically higher in commercial properties compared to  residential areas. This is due to a larger area required to clear snow in commercial areas that include parking lots. 

  • Time

The response time matters in the cost of snow removal. You may need to pay more for a company with a faster response time compared to one that takes longer to complete the project, 

Other Costs to Consider

The difference in costs of a snow removal contract depends on whether you are hiring the snow removal company for a one-time service or a longer contract. It also depends on whether you require salt applications and other services.

Usually, seasonal contracts are more competitive than one-time snow removal service. Be sure to ask if there are any limits to visits as some companies may have a limited visit and charge extra for each additional snow removal appointment.

Costs for Extra Services

The cost of a snow removal contract depends on whether you require other services. For instance, salt application services require an additional fee. Salt application may be included as an overall total by some companies, so make sure you ask. Others may charge you based on the cost per bag of salt. Ask about pet-friendly salt if you have any pets running around as some salt types can be toxic to animals.

Other services include heating cables or mats. These can help to reduce the amount of salt that needs to be removed from your property as heat is used to melt the snow. You can also consider having a heating system built into your driveway but this is extensive work that will cost.

Heating cables can be used for melting snow on the roof and the cost of materials and installation range vary between projects. 

Differences Between DIY or Hiring a Snow Removal Professional

The cheapest option to remove snow is by shovelling, and the price includes going to a DIY shop to buy yourself a few good shovels. While snow shovelling can be an activity to bond with friends and family, and is also a good workout, it may not be the best option. Especially if you need to remove snow from the roof or from a large area. Moreover, removing snow on your own may cause unexpected injuries if you are not careful. 

Get in touch with a snow removal professional and weigh out the pros and cons to decide if you should remove snow on your own or seek expert help.